About Us

Passionate About Microgreens (PAM) is a family owned, vertical microgreens farm located in Harleysville, PA. With the growing population and the state of agriculture today, Benjamin and Mikaela see microgreens as the future of sustainable, chemical free nutrition. Microgreens may be tiny, but their super power is that they are a concentrated form of vitamins and minerals grown sustainably without chemicals to destroy our land or our bodies. Microgreens can be grown in an urban environment with a small amount of space but with their mighty nutrition, they can sustain large populations of people.

Benjamin reigns from Iowa, where he grew up in a farming and construction family. Benjamin has witnessed many unsustainable and ecologically damaging agricultural processes first hand and wants to produce food in a different, more sustainable way. Microgreens take a fraction of the time and resources to grow than their adult counterparts, making them a highly nutritious, sustainable form of food for everyone.

Mikaela is a registered dietitian who loves all things food and strives to inspire people to live a healthy, balanced life. Not only does Passionate About Microgreens want to provide nutritious food for our customers, we also want to provide nutrition education so our customers can make their own informed decisions about the food they eat.

Mikaela and Benjamin met in 2017 when they decided to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. Starting the 2,189 mile hike in Georgia on their own nearly a month apart, they didn’t meet until Pennsylvania – nearly 1,200 miles into their hikes. After enjoying each other’s company for so long, they became inseparable. They hiked over 1,000 miles together and summited Mount Katahdin hand in hand on October 2nd 2017, accomplishing their goal of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Their love for each other and helping people is the driving force that motivates them every day.

Passionate About Microgreens was inspired by Benjamin’s mom, Pamela. Pam suffered from Crohn’s disease and was diagnosed in the early 1990s, when there was still a lot unknown about the disease. She sacrificed her body countless times by trialing many early treatments, medicines, and surgeries which lead to advancements in the treatments that people with Crohn’s disease receive today. Pam loved salads but as her Crohn’s disease progressed, she couldn’t eat them anymore. Benjamin wanted to help Pam get the nutrition she needed and bring the food she loved back into her diet, but before he could cultivate his idea for microgreens, Pam passed away due to complications from Crohn’s disease. So Benjamin decided to honor his late mother’s legacy by naming this company after her and continuing what they both dreamed.